Because "Doggie Fresh" Moisturizers, and Shampoo are manufacturing with superior quality standards that have proven to work and smells great!  Our products last about a week or longer and have fantastic scents which help to eliminate odors according to our customers!

PLUS! "Doggie Fresh" products maintain your dogs and cats  good grooming including:

         Safely Cleanses your Dog & Cat!

         Moisturizes and Conditions your

         Dog’s “Skin & Coat”!

         Helps Eliminate Odors!

         Helps Manages shedding!

         Stimulates Healthier Coat!


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Why Use "Doggie Fresh" Products?

 New! Light Spray

Citrus scent.


  • Leave-in Moisturizers !
  • NEW! Tearless Detangling Shampoo !
  • For your Dogs & Cats !
  • NEW! "Light Spray" for Dogs!
  • 5 Great Scents !
  • Citrus, Herbal, Orginial, & Fresh !
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Each year our company participates in  industry Trade   Shows for Dogs.  With a exciting attendance of over        40-50,000 dog lovers.  As expected our Doggie Fresh      booth at the Pet Expo Trade Show in Costa Mesa, CA     was exceptional and our presentation  immeasurable.    


We recommend that you take time out and attend next year’s festival.
While at the show, we even thought that our 4,000 free samples were enough but we were wrong. To our surprise the presentation was exciting and overwhelming and we achieved our expectations. While we continue to be successful and introduce more exciting product, “Doggie Fresh” Products is looking to add even more value to our company by participating with the interest of Local & National Animal and Rescue Shelters across the country.

Our testimonials and reviews that we received has propelled our “Doggie Fresh” Moisturizers/Conditioners with the “Citrus”, “Herbal”, “Original” and now the “Fresh” fragrance that is in our New (Dog & Cat) Shampoo into a mixture in the Dog World that we can claim as our own.  Again, Yes, we were a Hit!  We cannot say enough, you have to try our New fast drying Leave-in, Citrus (Spray) and our exciting New (Dog & Cat) Shampoo.  Both are excellent additions into an already fantastic product line.  And the only thing that we can continue to say is,






Citrus scent

Herbal scent

 Original scent

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Doggie Fresh at the Pet Expo Trade Show

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